What Can Jewelry Do For You? June 28, 2019 – Posted in: Feature – Tags: , , , ,

What Can A Piece of Jewelry Do For You?

Did you know that just one piece of jewelry can open opportunities that you never knew even existed?  From something as small as starting up a conversation in a doctor’s office, to landing your dream job, a piece of jewelry could be that difference maker.

A stunning necklace or vintage looking bracelet can be both a conversation starter and give you that extra confidence boost.  And what if that one piece of jewelry opened a door to a conversation, that then sparks a longer conversation, that suddenly leads into a great friendship?  You never know!


Maybe you just graduated from college and you are ready to take on the world.  You’re getting ready for your first big opportunity which is a job interview for your dream job!  The same question can be asked, what if that one piece of jewelry helped break the ice, or gave you the confidence to do your very best?  What if it calmed your anxiety or fears and allowed you to knock that interview out of the park, and land that dream job?!

This is part of what I do here at Sue Lurie Creations.  I see a piece of jewelry is more than what it’s called – a necklace, a pair of earrings, a bracelet.  It’s not just a necklace, and it’s not just something that you wake up and randomly decide to wear.  A Sue Lurie Creations piece of jewelry speaks to you to wear it for a purpose, with a meaning behind it.  It is almost as if you do not pick the jewelry, but it picks you! You may feel drawn to specific pieces, but what I have noticed is that it is not only you pick that piece of jewelry, but I truly believe that piece of jewelry picks you as well!

I design each piece with materials and stones not only using what I envision in my mind, but also putting in my years of experience of being a professional stylist and holistic therapist.  Specific stones are known to have specific types of healing powers, as I touched on a little bit last month.  So for example, getting back to our big interview moment, should you be searching for a specific piece to wear, I would suggest one of my pieces with Hematite or Moonstone as both of these stones tap into the energy of the earth / moon.  They can both help calm and bring on self-confidence.  A piece like this can help give you the calmness you need, yet internal confidence, to help pave your way for your career.

When making jewelry, I try to think of situations, or times in our life, that we might need a specific piece of jewelry.  The rollercoaster of life will continue to hit us, or miss us, day in and day out and I want to help you feel prepared for those moments in the best way I know how.  Through my jewelry I hope to give you energy, confidence, hope, clarity, freedom, or whatever it is that you may be needing that day through my creations.  We will always have times when we see a piece of jewelry and say to ourselves “I just have to have that”.  And those moments when you fall in love with a piece are also needed.  But for the moments when you need a “go to” piece for a big day or event, that’s where a Sue Lurie Creations piece of jewelry comes in.  I hope you spend some time looking through my pieces on my website, at one of the many events I attend, or set up a time to see them.  My jewelry truly is something that you must see and feel in your hand and try on to know the quality and how it truly feels.


If you want a piece of jewelry designed based off specific stones, metals or materials I am always open to schedule a consultation.  I look forward to hearing from you soon.