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Wedding Jewelry That Will Last A Lifetime

Did you or a loved one get engaged recently?  If so, congratulations!  December is the month when most engagements occur, but Valentine’s Day is also a very popular time as well.

Almost immediately after engagement brides start thinking about planning their wedding, and there’s so much to think about!  From the venue to flowers, the guest list to seating charts, the to-do list gets larger and larger which is why many brides turn to a wedding planner for assistance.  While a wedding planner can handle many of the major preparations, there are some more personal decisions that a bride wants to be hands on completely for, and jewelry is one of them.  That’s where Sue Lurie Creations comes in!


Your Personal Wedding Jewelry Planner

Think of Sue Lurie Creations as your personal wedding jewelry planner – from concept to completion we can create beautiful jewelry for your wedding not just for the bride, but for the bridesmaids, mother-of-the-bride and other special family members.  Whether you want each piece to look completely different, or you want to have a similar theme/color/stone, I can create the jewelry of your wedding dreams!


Something Old – Something New – Something Borrowed – Something Blue

What a better way to get your something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue into one area then a piece of jewelry?  I can take a piece of family jewelry that has been given to you, combine it with new pieces and add in a blue element to take care of 3 of the 4 of those things.  Once created you can use it not only for your wedding, but jewelry is both timeless and durable and can be saved and used for your future children or a family member for them to use for their wedding.


The Perfect Bridesmaid Gift

When deciding what to give your bridesmaids, it can often be a difficult decision.  You want to give them something that is meaningful, but also something that they will use and not put on a shelf to collect dust.  Bridesmaids are often sisters or a close friend, and you want to give them something that is unique as they are.  Getting everyone the same gift when they have drastically different styles can be difficult.  Let Sue Lurie Creations be the answer to your gift giving problem!  I can create custom jewelry for your bridesmaids for a gift, or to use for your wedding.  Each piece can be completely different, or they can have a theme.  Whether it’s your wedding colors or their favorite stones, if you can dream it, I can design it!


Choose Sue Lurie Creations for your wedding jewelry needs so you can check “Wedding Jewelry” or “Bridesmaid’s Gifts” off your wedding to-do list.  Contact me today to get started by Contacting Me Today.

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