Stone of the Month – November November 8, 2019 – Posted in: Feature – Tags: , , , , , ,

Another month and another Featured Stone!  For the month of November, I have chosen the Red Carnelian.  The Carnelian is a gemstone in which the color of this stone can range anywhere from a peach orange, dark orange, deep red, dark red brown, with mixtures of black or clear within it.  This gemstone is also nicknamed the Red Agate. The meaning of Carnelian refers to bringing happiness in the next life, resurrection, or rebirth.


Due to its colors, this stone symbolizes vitality.  If you are looking to improve your health, enhance your creativity, bring on good fortune, or want help accomplishing your goals, this is the stone for you!  Carnelian is known to help motivate you, search for new opportunities, and build a strong mindset.  It is a great stone to just improve your life in general.


Come see this stone, or any of my jewelry, at my upcoming show tomorrow.  Get a jump on your Christmas shopping!