Featured Stone of the Month – Pyrite October 11, 2019 – Posted in: Feature, News – Tags: , , ,

It’s time again to unveil our Featured Stone of the month. This month is Pyrite; Pyrite is a mineral or ore, many know it as “fool’s gold”. The hue and color of pyrite have a yellow / brass / gold coloration hence it’s nickname. This mineral can also come gray to yellowish gray. Pyrite has many properties to it, from clearing anxiety for future, aiding you to stop bad habits, or overcome temptations, as well as if you are wanting to expand your possibilities.

Many use this stone for love / relationships, money and business, as well as the above listed properties.
Pyrite has also been used and considered as a holy gemstone. This is because people believed that pyrite is the power source of the world. They believe this because Pyrite was used as flint. The belief that the gemstone would burn life and energy and convert it into vitality. It was said that pyrite held powers to awaken the power to live, thus used in many ceremonies and for prayer.

To see a great example of uniquely shaped pieces of Pyrite come visit this beautiful piece.

Pyrite and Black Diamond Swarovski Crystal Necklace Set