Fall Fashion and Style September 6, 2019 – Posted in: News – Tags: , , , , , , ,

As the weather starts to turn and we ready ourselves for the Fall season, so does our style and presentation.  Your jewelry should also speak to the season. Look for colors that encompass the season. The Fall 2019 Fashion Color trends are absolutely amazing. You can see them in this image, they include Pantone Colors like Chili Pepper, Dark Cheddar, Eden, Evening Blue, Guacamole, Peach Pink and Biking Red to just name a few. In the image that I presented this week you will see all of the upcoming Pantone Colors.

Speaking of the image, showcased in the center is a little sneak peak of just one of my pieces that will soon be launched in my Fall Collection!  This piece here will look great on almost any of those Pantone Colors.