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Today we are doing something special.  Not only are talking about our Featured Stone of the Month, but in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness we are featuring a special piece with PINK in it.  Regardless if you have had a personal experience, or know of someone else who has, we all remain one mind to fight and find the cure! For this reason, we will be offering a 24 HOUR ONLY sale on this specific featured piece.  I will be donating 50% of the sale of this piece to The Every Ribbon Counts Foundation, a local foundation that believes in One fight, for ALL Cancer (more below).

You can now see why this is a special day, a special necklace, and a special post.  Today the Stone of the Month that is featured is a Druzy Crystal. A Druzy is a natural gemstone that can be found as a Crystal, Quartz, or Agate.  Colors range anywhere from clear, purple, yellow, black, or pink like the piece shown. Others can also be dyed or coated. A Druzy comes with some real amazing powers, as the gemstone itself is filled with energy of light and joy.  This helps your mood to help you overcome difficulties and relieve the stresses of everyday life. Between the color, as well as the healing properties within this specific piece featured here, I could not think of a better piece to pair with cancer awareness.

The SALE of this set will be a 24 hour only sale!  If you feel inspired or moved, please contact me right away!  As mentioned above, 50% of the sale will go directly to Every Ribbon Counts.  From there, Every Ribbon Counts takes 90% of all proceeds received to remain in the Cure for Cancer.  This is a truly unique organization founded right in the Lehigh Valley / Northampton region. More on what they do can be found on their website at wwww.EveryRibbonCounts.com

BUY this piece now at https://suelurie.com/shop/red-druzy-and-silver-filigree-peacock-pendant-necklace-set/