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The quality of her pieces is fantastic

I have been a customer of Sue Lurie Creations for YEARS now because my 28-year-old daughter and I have fallen in love with her jewelry.  Sue’s designs run the gamut from the current trends to timeless classics and the quality of her pieces is fantastic!  That is why we asked Sue to design custom earrings for my daughter’s wedding.   In just one meeting,  Sue designed earrings for my daughter that beautifully matched her grandmother’s antique pearl necklace and earrings for me that worked perfectly with my dress.  They were truly custom because Sue chose the size of the individual components and  the length of the earrings so that the proportions were perfect for each of us.  It’s amazing the difference those little touches make.  My second daughter is getting married this summer and Sue is designing an embellished headband for her to wear.  If you need jewelry for a special occasion, call Sue Lurie Creations and let her create a design just for you!

Ellen G., Hockessin, De

They turn an outfit into a fashion statement

I have purchased multiple necklace sets from Sue Lurie. They are all beautifully crafted, unique and high quality pieces. They never fail to attract compliments and attention. They turn an outfit into a fashion statement.

Dr. Sandra E., Wexford, Pa

I would highly recommend Sue’s jewelry creations

I love Sue’s flattering jewelry creations. They make accessorizing fun and I get tons of compliments when I wear them. The jewelry pieces are uniquely designed and crafted from the highest quality. The design’s are one of a kind pieces that every wardrobe must have. Her pieces pair beautifully with formal attire and add a unique fashion statement to jeans and casual dressing as well. I would highly recommend Sue’s jewelry creations.

Thank you for my great jewelry pieces!!



Unique + Stylish

Sue’s creations are very unique and stylish. What makes Sue unique is that she is a stylist also and just a few questions from her will get you expertly guided to a great statement piece that will garner many compliments whenever you wear it!

Dianne Capobianco

Each necklace is a standout piece!

Unique, handcrafted statement necklaces! Customized, if you wish. Sue’s necklaces offer a mix of mediums including gemstones, crystals blended with multi-metals. Each necklace is a standout piece!

Janet S. , Bethlehem, Pa

Can’t wait to purchase my next piece

It’s a joy dealing with Sue Lurie! I always receive compliments whenever I wear the fabulous turquoise pendant and earrings that I purchased from her this spring. I love checking out her latest designs on Facebook and can’t wait to purchase my next piece.

Caroline Clifford, Hellertown, PA

I get numerous compliments every time I wear one

Sue’s creativity shines through each exquisite piece she creates! Her pieces are always on trend and I get numerous compliments every time I wear one.

Deb C. , owner of Abundant Style

Sue is a must consult for any important event

Sue Lurie’s original pieces speak for themselves as works of art. What makes the experience as her customer feel so wonderful and satisfying is her ability to listen and observe your personal style and taste to match – or to create then and there – an item just for you!!

Both my sister and sister in-law wore Sue Lurie originals for their weddings; their tastes and the wedding venues were wildly different, but Sue was able to create pieces that matched the events perfectly – delicately coordinating with their beautiful gowns and their personal styles. Sue is a must consult for any important event!

One minute with Sue and her designs and you can feel the love, warmth, and passion that goes into each piece. The detail of choices in every item leaves you in awe. The hard part is leaving without buying them all!!

Julia H., Brooklyn, New York

Created with just you in mind

Having known Sue for nearly 20 years she is “our family across the pond” which is why I know how much time and love goes into the making of her jewellery.

Sue Lurie Creations are created with just you in mind. They are handcrafted with care, anything from a simple design to the most unique and stunning pieces you will see. Sue will craft any piece whether it be one of her designs or an idea of your own. Owning several pieces myself – and being privileged to see some being made- the jewellery is not only beautiful but can be fun, timeless and occasional . I love the pieces I have and it’s always a pleasure to tell people where they came from when asked.

Christine S. from South Shields, England

I love wearing mine and get compliments every single time

Sue Lurie Creations! Sue’s jewelry is always eye catching, well crafted, and very personal. Every piece is uniquely made with an eye for design and detail. She has a wide range of styles and is happy to tailor a bracelet or a necklace to fit~just right, or create something just for you. If you are looking for seriously stylish jewelry, this is the place! I love wearing mine and get compliments every single time. I think this jewelry is absolutely reflective of Sue’s stand out personality and natural creativity!

Mary D. from Mifflinburg, Pa

I just can’t walk away from these beautiful works of art

I have been purchasing Sue Lurie Creations for several years. I just can’t walk away from these beautiful works of art. Although I have never requested a custom piece, my jewelry works with so many outfits. I can glam up a casual look for work or add the same perfect bling to a cocktail dress. Thanks Sue for your wonderful creations!

Vicki E., Reading, Pa

Sue’s pieces are extremely versatile

I have owned many Sue Lurie Creations jewelry since she started over 10 years ago.  Very frequently people will compliment a piece of jewelry that I am wearing and it is ALWAYS a Sue Lurie Creations!

Some of the pieces I wear regularly and others are for special occasions that she has custom designed for me. Sue’s pieces are extremely versatile and I love recommending and supporting her and her many talents.

Donna T., From Bethlehem, Pa

Every item I purchased has been classy and of high quality

I have known Sue for many years and have been buying jewelry from her for about four years. Her creations, which I have used extensively for weddings, social events and everyday life, are always appropriate for every activity. When I was looking for a bracelet to cover my Fitbit at a wedding, she even created a bracelet for that need. Every item I purchased has been classy and of high quality.

Santa W., Bethlehem, Pa